Advertising can be seen as a bit of a mystery by many a real hit or miss affair, and in many circumstances, a costly exercise. But, it's important not to see it in isolation of other types of marketing which should be carried out at the same time. So, try not to think of an advert in the press as the be all and end all of your marketing exercise. Make it just part of your marketing mix.


Importantly, when thinking about how best to promote your organisation on the page, name and brand is not enough. What's important is what you can offer, and the strength behind that offer is the company making it. So always get the selling message across first, and the company brand last.


Don't see advertising merely as an ego trip! Always ask yourself what your potential audience will ask themselves when they see your advert 'what's in it for me'? And make sure there is something appealing and relevant.


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"Publicity Project has worked for us for over ten years now on a wide variety of projects ranging from corporate newsletters to brochure design, advertising and mailing copy etc. During this time we have had what I can only describe as a thoroughly professional, successful, and not least, enjoyable relationship."


Tom Lowes, James Armstrong & Co


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