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3 Tips for buying inspirational gifts at Eid 

Eid means different things to different people and families, but most will agree that giving a small gift is an important part of the celebrations. If you are a non-Muslim buying a gift for a Muslim family, you might be confused about what makes an acceptable gift on this special occasion. Here, we have three great tips to help you find a perfect and inspirational gift for friends and family at the special time of year which is Eid.

  1. For a Muslim woman who chooses to wear one, a headscarf is a wonderful gift. You can find many Hijabs for sale online or in specialist stores, and the choice available is amazing. There are all different shapes and styles, so there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s tastes. Therefore, it makes a great gift as you can find something personal and unique, to really fit your friend or family member’s tastes. Also, if you are a non-Muslim, this is something easy to buy which will always be appreciated. A hijab will be used every day, and not put at the back of the cupboard and forgotten about.
  2. Another great idea for an Eid gift is a gift basket filled with things the recipient loves. This can be anything you choose, or you can mix and match different types of gift, such as beauty products, foods or items for the home. If you are a non-Muslim, be sure to check that anything you wish to put in the basket is suitable for a practicing Muslim – some things may contain ingredients which are not considered halal. If in doubt, it is best to check with the person who will be receiving the gift. Some are stricter than others about following these rules, so what is acceptable to one person may not be to another.
  3. An educational gift is great for children at Eid. You could choose something like an Islamic colouring book for younger children, or a book which attempts to answer some questions children commonly ask about religion. You could also choose something related to their favourite interests or hobbies. Whilst gift giving isn’t the most important part of Eid, usually babies and children always receive something. Something to help a child start praying is also a great gift at this time of year. You could choose a special children’s prayer mat with a nice design to make things fun.

How to stay fashionable in winter!

Big puffy jackets and thick tights are everyone’s go-to when the winter cold hits. However, season after season fashion changes and not all trends are transferred from one season to the other. If you want to remain fashionable and trendy in the winter seasons be sure to follow the trends and get some staple winter pieces! Here are my suggestions how to show off your style this winter. 

  1. Layer your fall clothes. This is also going to save you money. You don’t need to get any new pieces just know how to work with the clothes you already have. Always start with a favourite long sleeve shirt and pair it with a chunky knot cardigan. I would suggest calm pastel colours and greys. But don’t go all gray as you need some sunshine during the dark winters in the UK.  
  1. Get a warm beautiful coat as an investment. This will make it so much easier to plan outfits when you have a gorgeous warm coat. In a way this will also save you money as you won’t be buying coats every year. One investment will last you years. My tip would be to get a timeless classic piece that will not go out of fashion for a couple of years. Man cold and freezing over white background
  1. Shoes! I could tell you to buy extremely fashionable winter shoes but I do think shoes need to be functional first and foremost! Make sure your shoes are lined with comfy and warm material. You can get faux fur or fleece-type inside liners. Make sure the soles have a good grip as well. It does get icy and snowy and last thing you want is to slip on ice. It is the most unpleasant feeling ever. I would suggest choosing classic black or dark brown shoes. Pro tip is also to match the style of shoes with your coat. You will be wearing that combo all winter and maybe next winters to come.