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Back in the 1980's when the origins of our graphic design and print business came into being, about 90% of our work was design for print. The balance has changed considerably in recent years with design for the web taking a significant portion of our time, but there's no denying we have a wealth of experience, and expertise, when it comes to what works and what doesn't in print.


The biggest change has been the advent of good quality digital printing. It has proved a real benefit to our clients, making short run colour printing a viable option even for small businesses.




Designing for print isn't simply a matter of creating and firing off artwork to a printer and expecting him to work miracles on paper. There are many factors that govern what and how we design. How many printed copies, the overall impression and 'feel' of the printed item, turnaround times, branding guidelines, coated versus uncoated substrates and so much more.


It really does pay to use a graphic design company that understands printing - be it offset litho - sheet fed or web, or digital. Papers and boards play an equally important role and we advise on this as well - not forgetting the ever present need to consider environmental and sustainable impact.


We're all keen to do our bit for the environment and the printing industry is no exception. So, do please ask us, if you want to ensure you are ticking all the relevant boxes when it comes to environmentally sustainable printing - with FSC accreditation - we can ensure waterless, plateless and totally alcohol free!


We don't print in-house, but use a number of UK printers, each have their particular strengths and specialism. We have built excellent business relationships and respect over the years which helps when deadlines and budgets are tight but still requiring a high level of quality control at every stage.


We can also provide a copywriting service which can give that critical independent outsider's view on your products or services, but also with an understanding of what is required to fit your purpose.


Have you got a project that needs designing and printing? Talk to us first - on or email us at


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"Congratulations to all involved in the production of a fresher/modern looking edition, yet still in keeping with what we're about!"


Frank Abramson,
Trustee (Marketing),
Alzheimer's Research Trust



"Many thanks for everyone's input on this project - they look brilliant! It is a pleasure to work with all of you!"


Linda Robinson
Metal Improvement Company



"Thank you so much for all your help, co-operation and patience. Also for bearing with me and showing huge amounts of positive customer liaison skills!"


Head of Marketing Communications,
Parkside Housing Group

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