Our approach to print

There’s little point in spending good money on design, if the method of production - be it for print or the web doesn’t do justice to the design.


For example, a great design for a simple flyer can be spoilt if it’s printed on paper that makes it - and consequently, the message and the bearer of the message - your organisation, look and feel cheap (unless that was the objective!)


So, when specifying for print, there are a large number of factors to take into account - most of which are based on a practical, working knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. But all of which play a part in making the most of the design work carried out.


We need to consider:


Quantity needed - if it’s a relatively short run, then you could consider printing on demand. If it’s a greater quantity, then run on costs will be very helpful in forward planning. Quantity also has a strong bearing on the method of printing - larger quantities are usually printed by litho and smaller by digital print.


Paper and board choice - taking into account eventual weight if the item’s to be posted, plus issues such as longevity (see finishing), weight (impact on postage costs?), colour, surface - coated versus uncoated and how ink and colours are affected by the coating - or lack of, FSC/environmental specifics, VAT ruling (the weight of stock used can affect whether the item attracts VAT or not).


Timing - if it’s needed very quickly, then digital may well be the answer - but of course quantity may override this decision.


Process - by litho or digital - not just a decision based on timing or quantity, the required end result will also need to be taken into account when this decision is made.


Finishing - scoring, folding, cutting and creasing (with a specified cutter guide) and laminating - gloss or matt, not just for longevity and overall finish, laminating can be an excellent way of avoiding cracking on folds, where solid colours can crack through to the white substrate beneath.


Delivery - how critical is the deadline? Exhibitions tend to concentrate the mind when a deadline simply cannot be shifted!


And the list continues. If you need help with getting items printed then talk to us first - on or email us at info@publicityproject.co.uk

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