Our approach to websites

There are some great words bandied around when it comes to producing websites - many of which are used to put a grand canyon between the client and the designer. We prefer to work on the same side of the table as you, and will ensure you are not left in the dark at any stage of the process.


We need to consider:


Target audience - is it appropriate, does it use relevant language, are the images right (with no issues of copyright or royalty to consider)?


Design - what works for your audience, does it fit in with your overall corporate identity, does it correctly carry your logo and branding? Is the font going to render correctly on viewer’s screens? Are the colours compatible across screens, and how do they relate to your printed marketing collateral? Does it make you proud to own it?


SEO - search engine optimisation. BEWARE! There are many companies offering SEO services and they certainly know what they're talking about. BUT! Whilst there's no doubt through their work the website will be more visible - does the look and feel of that site then encourage you to go into it?


GREAT NEWS - At Publicity Project you get two for the price of one! Not only a great looking site that is NOT built using standard templates, as many other companies will do, it will be absolutely tailor-made for your business and you'll also get a site that's built with comprehensive SEO as part of the package. BARGAIN!


Content - is the terminology used appropriate for the audience, succinct enough not to turn people away (come back, please!)


Register with search engines - part of the final piece of the puzzle - we’ll promote your finished site to all the main search engines - it’s a natural part of the build process and again we do NOT charge extra for it.


Ownership - And finally - you have to own the site. Don’t be fobbed off with having to go back to the original website designers for simple update work, (unless, of course, you would rather not handle this work yourself, accepting that you will be adding ongoing costs with no particular end in sight). For those happy to take on basic update work, we provide simple training and advice at every step of the way and we’re always at the end of the line if you have any queries.


If you need help with your website - it may need a bit of a facelift, or perhaps a microsite added - call us on or email us at info@publicityproject.co.uk

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About us


We're small - and see it as a distinct advantage. We're all professionally trained designers - no overheads wasted on 'admin' staff and you get to talk and deal direct with the designer, not a middleman in sight. We're cost effective and utterly professional.


We react quickly - (no big business supertanker that takes an age to change direction). Our turnaround times can be close to greased lightning!


We're personable and good to talk to. After all, business can be tough at the best of times, and we don't want to make it any tougher for you. We work for the good of your business and are here for the long haul.

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